Wednesday, May 28, 2008

While driving home from work this afternoon, traffic was building up at a corner at the downtown area. As I got to my chance to make the curve on the corner, I finally realized what was causing the traffic slowdown. There was this green jeep that had its front end all smashed up against the traffic sign and all the way to the street light next to it. Both front tires were detached probably from the impact.

I think the accident just happend a few minutes before I got to that curve. Because the oil leaks were fresh and the usual "usiseros" were there. Getting clear from that corner, I drove off and was trying to picture out how the vehicle ended up in that kind of situation. My theory is that he was probably maneuvering the corner at a high speed thus sending him crashing to that sign post or probably he was going at an acceptable speed and mechanical trouble started sending his vehicle into a that sign post and ending up stuck to the street light pole. But from the looks of it, i think the driver probably made it.

So as I was observing this, I noticed that this was exactly the street that i visited before, where the apartments were on Triple Net Lease. A good deal considering it's area (very nice place) and I really like the scheme of Triple Net Leases. Absolutely no way was I going to invest my time here. It just seemed like bad luck!!